A Barrister for Insurance Companies to Defend Credit Hire & Personal Injury claims from RTAs

Sunny is a barrister with a highly successful practice specialising in credit hire litigation, personal injury/fraud and professional negligence. He is Head of Credit Hire (Defendant Insurance Group) within Clerksroom Chambers.

• “He is truly a star!” | Hebble Law


Called to the Bar for over 16 years, Sunny has made credit hire the focus of his practice. He is instructed by large and small insurance companies and law firms in complex and challenging matters concerning credit hire, personal injury and causation. Sunny’s practice encompasses:

• Credit Hire
• Personal Injury arising from Road Traffic Accidents
• Fraud and Fundamental Dishonesty
• Causation and LVI (Low Velocity Impact)
• Professional Negligence (especially against legal professionals acting in Personal Injury claims)

Sunny is reputed amongst firms who litigate on behalf of insurance companies in defending multi and fast track credit hire claims, and is often requested by insurers to deal with cases involving causation, fraud and fundamental dishonesty.

He delivers high-quality appellant and trial advocacy along with professional advice. He will regularly advise on cases involving applications for committal for contempt, following a finding of fundamental dishonesty/fraud in RTA claims.

• L v M (Bristol County Court) [Sept 2020] | unreported – Sunny defended a multi-track claim in the sum of circa £176,000, of which £156,000 was made up of credit hire charges. Following his cross-examination, the claimant solicitors agreed to settle the whole of the claim for £60,000.


Sunny is a leading Mediator with a wealth of legal knowledge and experience. He is truly neutral and resolves disputes for a reasonable fixed fee. He can undertake and host mediations online via Zoom and other media with ease. He has conducted complex litigation hence he understands the difficulties faced by solicitors. His deep practical understanding of the psychology of conflict resolution and a patient, impartial approach enable him to find a workable solution for all parties.

Mediation clients have said:

• “This was a very large and complex claim and Sunny handled difficult circumstances with good humour and grace” –| BLM Solicitors

• “My client was very pleased with the process and the fact that a solution was found within the day.” –| HLF Berry Solicitors

To book Sunny for a HEARING or MEDIATION please contact him on 01823 247 247 | 07969 678397 | singh@clerksroom.com