Sundeep Virk a Barrister & Mediator.

A provider of Courtroom Advocacy and Mediation Services. He is a experienced Barrister and Mediator acting throughout England & Wales.

Sunny is the Head of Credit Hire (Defendant Insurer Group) and acts for insurance companies and their clients in Road Traffic Accidents (RTA), Credit Hire, Personal Injury, Fundamental Dishonesty, Fraud and Low Velocity Impact (LVI) Claims.

In respect of Professional Negligence litigation Sunny will assist individuals, professionals and insurers on a wide range of matters, providing strategic and tactical advice and representation in matters where accountants, auditors, tax advisors, financial advisers, solicitors, other barristers, insurance brokers are being sued.

He also has a niche practice acting undertaking Landlord and Tenant work, and is considered one of the go-to barristers for rent guarantee companies (landlords insurance backed) when looking to evict difficult tenants, squatters or defend disrepair, dilapidation, tenancy deposit scheme or fitness for human inhabitation counterclaims.

Sunny also brings a wealth of legal knowledge and experience of conducting complicated and emotionally charged mediations. He has a deep practical understanding of the Psychology of Conflict Resolution; and a patient, impartial approach to finding a workable solution for both parties.

He delivers high-quality, professional legal advice, representation and mediation services that are founded on more than 15 years’ experience in the legal field. Sunny will travel nationwide for the purposes of attending conferences, court hearings and mediations.

As a Barrister is Sunny reputed for undertaking highly complex cases.

He has developed a longstanding reputation for undertaking highly complex and unusual cases on behalf of clients. Instructed as a BARRISTER by a number of leading law firms that work for the insurance industry, to represent and advise their insurer clients in large personal injury and credit hire claims. This is especially the case where fraud, fundamental dishonesty, or low velocity impact is in issue.

Historically undertaken a large amount of Chancery, Commercial, and Civil litigation being involved in significant and heavy litigation at first instance and on appeal.

“He was always easy to reach and took a sensible commercial approach. Sunny has a winning way in negotiations and unquestionable charm. He is highly effective, robust and brilliant at cross examination.”

Jas Khela, Solicitor

As a Mediator Sunny has experience of conducting complicated and emotionally charged mediations.

Whether you need a Mediator for a small dispute or for a larger high value claim, or one where the matter is complex involving multi-parties and issues, Sunny will act with impartiality and competence. He has an efficient approach with a renowned ability to quickly identify the underlying issues at hand.

“This was a very large and complex claim and Sundeep handled difficult circumstances with good humour and grace”

Paul Wainwright – BLM Solicitors

“My client was very pleased with the process and the fact that a solution was found within the day was very reassuring.”

Paul Citron – HFL BERRY, Manchester

To book or discuss a matter contact Sunny’s clerk Mr Gregory Speller on 01823 247 247

He covers disputes for a non-exhaustive but clearly defined list of mediation practice disciplines:

For Mediations Sunny covers disputes for:

  • Business People and Business Families
  • Wills, Probate & Trusts
  • Inheritance, Wills, Probate & Trusts
  • Insolvency Practitioner and Debtors
  • Charity & Religious
  • British and Irish Farmers
  • Costs Mediations for all Parties
  • Company, commercial, corporate and Business
  • Professional Negligence & Discipline
  • Medical Negligence
  • Professional and Healthcare Discipline
  • Costs Disputes
  • Property and Development
  • Family Law Finance
  • Religious, Clubs and Charitable Institutions
  • NHS Trusts