He is a highly experienced Mediator with a wealth of legal knowledge that is truly neutral and Resolves disputes for a reasonable fixed fee.

He can undertake host mediations online via Zoom and other media with ease.  

Mediation clients have said:

  • “This was a very large and complex claim and Sunny handled difficult circumstances with good humor and grace” –| BLM Solicitors
  • “My client was very pleased with the process and the fact that a solution was found within the day.” –| HLF Berry Solicitors
  • Neal Bertram of Bertram Law Scored 10/10
  • Lawrence Harrison of D&N Solicitors Scored 10/10

AS A MEDIATOR, Sunny provides mediation services through Clerksroom Chambers. He is leading mediator that brings a wealth of legal knowledge and experience of conducting complicated litigation; a deep practical understanding of the psychology of conflict resolution and a patient, impartial approach to finding a workable solution for all parties.

As well as a leading mediator; Sunny, called in 2004, is a barrister with a highly successful practise specialising in credit hire litigation, personal injury/fraud and professional negligence. He is Head of Credit Hire (Defendant Insurance Group) within Clerksroom Chambers. Accordingly, solicitors and clients can be assured that Sunny is a fully qualified mediator and practising barrister, insured by Bar Mutual with additional top-up insurance through TLO.  


Where litigation can be expensive, the trial public, time-consuming, expensive and fraught with risk for both the lay clients and their legal representatives, Mediation offers the opposite to this, in every regard.

Sunny will seek to achieve:

  • A Resolution of all issues including those 
  • Finality to litigation
  • Through a Confidential process
  • A Cost-effective solution
  • A Mutual settlement  
  • All with a Fair and Neutral Mediator  

Areas of Mediation

  • Medical Negligence / Personal Injury
  • Costs Dispute
  • Professional Negligence & Dispute with Clients
  • Business and Commercial Claims
  • Chancery & Property Claims
  • General Trust, TOLATA and Inheritance Act Claims
  • Inheritance / Probate
  • Building and Construction Disputes
  • Charities and Religious Institutions Disputes


Chancery & Property Claims

  • Dec 2017 – Sunny was happy to resolve a circa £4 million business dispute amongst members of the same family. The dispute concerned numerous properties that had been purchased over decades, re-mortgaged or sold to fund future purchases and business ventures. The matter was complicated divorce and children from a mistress all of whom had competing interests with children from the marriage. During the mediation, Sunny had to deal with a bone of contention that arose with one child’s marriage being out of caste.

Building & Construction Disputes

  • Mar 2018 – Sunny successfully settled a claim where a commercial customer was disputing supply and fitting of commercial-grade double-glazed windows and window housing to its large commercial premises. The commercial fitter was counterclaiming for the supply and fitting of the windows. 
  • Sept 2019 – Sunny also settled a general building dispute where the homeowners pursued the building firm for various alleged breaches of contact in the part-construction and renovation of their Cotswold’s home. The building firm was counterclaiming for unpaid sums for services rendered.

Business & Commercial Claims

  • Feb 2017 – Sunny successfully resolved a claim between a serviced office company and their tenants over unpaid service charges. The tenant made counterclaims for breach of contractual terms concerning the provision of services.
  • Feb 2020 – Sunny successfully settled a claim for chattels, property and money by a wife against her ex-husband and business partner.

Professional Negligence & Dispute with Clients

  • Apr 2019 – Sunny was happy to resolve a dispute between Solicitors and their client. The Solicitors had pursued their client for £50,000 of costs and interest. The client was contesting that invoices had been paid concerning work done and proposing to bring a counterclaim for professional negligence along with raising a variety of other complaints.

Charities and Religious Institutions Disputes

  • Dec 2016 – Sunny acted as a mediator for a large London Sikh Gurdwara where he managed 40 members of the Gurdwara committee during the day. The members all put competing claims for management of the Gurdwara charity raising a multitude of issues. An agreement was reached in principle on all issues with a date for a future AGM to be fixed.

General Trust, TOLATA and Inheritance Act Claims

  • Dec 2016 – The dispute centred around s.1 of the Inheritance (provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975, TOLATA 1996, and a multitude of issues, including competing claims and personal grievances. Despite the many differences a settlement was reached that saved thousands of pound in legal fees of going to trial. 

Costs Dispute| Medical Negligence

  • Dec 2018 – Sunny successfully settled a dispute over a Bill of Costs before a 10-day assessment hearing. Following a separate mediation in which liability for medical negligence was admitted, a medical college faced one of the largest legal bills from a receiving party it had seen in its history. Both parties selected Sunny for his impartially, professionalism and legal knowledge as the mediator. He successfully settled the matter.


Member of the Honourable Society of Grays Inn


Bar Council Elected Representative (7 years’ call) – 2013 to 2016


Sunny is married and spends his leisure time travelling with his wife and young son. He enjoys spending time with his friends discussing philosophy and politics. In the past, he has raised money for various charities and good causes. In 2013 Sunny ran the London Marathon for Save the Rhino and in 2016 he summited Mount Kilimanjaro for Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice.