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Sundeep has acted as a barrister in disputes concerning farming businesses and understands the strain of running a farm. He understands, that despite skilled farmers, high technology, fertile soil and subsidies, farm earnings can be relatively low. These are not helped by high legal costs hence mediation is always preferable in land and business disputes.

Splitting a farm can be devastating to it as a business as one part of it will often rely on another for support or the size may be the only factor that makes it sustainable. Mediation can often find a solution that court may not be able to that could satisfy all sides.

He is happy to travel to any part of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland to undertaken mediations.

Sundeep says that:

“I appreciate the complexity of social economic and family dynamic of land disputes.  I bring impartiality whenever there is an emotional and distressing journey. I am fair and free from any conflict of interest as well as knowledgeable in the industry hence the ideal mediator for your dispute.”

“Such disputes contain a multitude of different legal and factual disputes wherein different legal principles conflict will be at play at the same time. In some disputes there will be a business partnership (est. under the Partnership Act 1890) where part of the business was regularised by forming a limited company, where those in the Partnership may have given loans to the limited entity. Such situations can be further complicated if one of the parties has gone into bankruptcy or insolvency, and/or there has been a death in the background that brings Wills, Probate and Inheritance Act dispute to the forefront. In some cases a divorce will have complicated the matter further. Using a experienced mediator who is a qualified Barrister with the right legal background is extremely necessary to ensure the parties reach a settlement that they are happy with and their solicitors are protected” 

“My role as Mediator is to help facilitate a settlement that is acceptable to all involved in the mediation process. In my mediations, when a settlement is reach, there is a sense of finality.”

“I understand that there is a desire to preserve the family farm and business for the next generation as well as being fair and equitable to all parties. There will be underlying personal and business relationships, which need to be preserved.”

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